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It surprises me how many people still don’t regularly back up their data!
Precious photos are frequently taken on phones and before you know it your phone is lost or stolen, dropped in water or simply stops working. Everything is gone. The pain that the majority of us have experienced is something we don’t want to feel twice. However, we’re all too familiar with someone that hasn’t yet learnt the lesson! There wouldn’t be too many things more painful than knowing all of your precious photos are gone for good, surely?
The same goes with websites.
Unfortunately, the threat to your website going down is very real. If it can happen to the biggest companies in the world, it can certainly happen to you. There are many different circumstances that can lead to losing your website, but if you have it regularly backed up, you can sleep comfortably at night knowing that you are covered.

Website hackers, malware and viruses are everywhere on the internet. Some people out there take down websites to prove a point to their peers, some people break in to try and steal sensitive business/financial or customer information and some store their malicoius code on your server (as well as countless other servers) to run quietly in the background undertaking illegal activities in huge numbers. Staff members with access to your website could inadvertanly delete something on your website too. Let’s face it; we’re all human and we do make mistakes. These are just few examples of what could go wrong and you need to be prepared.

To be on the safe side, back up what you don’t want to lose. If you have a website, investigate whether or not you have an adequate back up system. Are you updating your site daily? You don’t want to lose those changes, be sure to make a back up after every change.

Find out what your current web host does in the way of back ups. Find out how frequently the back ups are made. Is there a cost involved for them to recover your website if the worst case scenario occurs? Ask your web host for the necessary details on how to login to their back up system if they provide one, this will allow you to download back ups to your computer/external hard drive and/or upload to cloud storage.
What’s cloud storage you ask?
Essentially it’s another place on the internet you can store digital files of all types. There are many cloud storage providers today, some of the biggest being Google Drive, OneDrive & DropBox just to name a few. Read into them and see what each can offer you.

Be sure that your current backup system is adequate. Your business relies on it. Your customers, employees and perhaps your family relies on it. You don’t want to lose such an enormous part of your businesses integrity.

If you’re not sure how to proceed with a backup system, contact me, I’ll be happy to help.