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So. You have a website and you’re listed on Google. That’s a good start but if you want to be listed higher up in Google’s search results you should be using ‘Google My Business’.
What is Google My Business you ask?
Google My Business is a platform that gives you more control over how your website appears in Googles search results. You have a fantastic opportunity here to help spread your business branding and appeal to your target audience.

Immediately, the biggest impact is seeing the images you’ve uploaded to the platform. When someone searches for your business they are now greeted with a more appealing, visual experience- a great change from the traditional, less exciting text search results we are all used to seeing.

So what exactly can I do in Google My Business that will benefit my business?
  • Activate reviews-
    5 star reviews will help list you above your competitors! As a bonus it will boost the consumer confidence in you too!

  • Display your location-
    Terrific if you have customers visit a physical location. If you prefer not to list an address but rather a street or region instead you can.

  • Hours of trade-
    This is very convenient for your customers! How many times have you wondered if a business was open at any given time & couldn’t find their open hours?

  • Write posts-
    Keep your audience engaged (even within Googles search results!!) by sharing news, updates, promoting sales etc.

  • Create Ads-
    Get maximum exposure in search results by an ad campaign. The great thing is here you’ll only ever be charged per click!!

  • Spread your business image-
    As already discussed, you can post pictures & logos to fast track the connection between you and your customers.

How do I get started?
You have 2 options.

Manage Google My Business Yourself
Visit Google My Business and open an account. Be sure to get it looking as professional as possible to avoid damaging your credibility. If you’re not too confident or if you don’t have time you can:

Hire CodeMash
We’d be more than happy to develop a Google My Business profile for you. If you take up our mid-tier Care Packages we can regularly update your profile too!

Happy Selling!